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 Baldrige Award

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Begun in 1988, the MBNQA acts as a vehicle to showcase exceptional US organizations, share best practices, facilitate organization learning and growth, and strengthen US competitiveness.

Criteria for performance excellence

Get free copy of criteria. The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence provide a systems perspective for understanding performance management. They reflect validated, leading-edge management practices against which an organization can measure itself. With their acceptance nationally and internationally as the model for performance excellence, the Criteria represent a common language for communication among organizations for sharing best practices. The Criteria are also the basis for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award process. To request a free copy of the criteria, click the image.

The Baldrige criteria form an excellent model of Total Quality Management (TQM). The criteria are divided into seven key categories:

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
  5. Workforce Focus
  6. Process Management
  7. Results

Each category is scored based on the approach used to address the category, how well it is deployed throughout the organization, the cycles of learning generated, and its level of integration within the orgnization. An excellent way to improve your TQM maturity is to use the criteria as a self-assessment and then compare your organization's methods and processes with winners of the Baldrige award. An integral part of the Baldrige process is for winners to share nonproprietary information from their applications so you have a ready-made benchmark for your organization's TQM maturity.

Winning the Baldrige Award is about as good as it gets with respect to being recognized as a world-class organization. Most states have quality award programs based on the Baldrige criteria. Participating in state programs can be an excellent first step toward winning the Baldrige award. Most state programs always include site visits so you not only will benefit from creating the application and the resulting self-assessment, but you will also get a third party assessment of your organization's quality maturity.

So how can TQE help?

TQE's core competence is in the areas of Hoshin Kanri, process management, and process improvement. By using TQE's products and training services your organization can begin to implement processes that address specific categories of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Hoshin Kanri directly supports the Strategic Planning category of the criteria. Baldrige applicants are required to define their overall planning process and how they integrated critical factor information like customers, markets, suppliers, technology, and societal issues into their plan. Applicants are also required to describe how the organization's plan is deployed and tracked to assure success.

Any organization that has implemented the Hoshin Kanri planning process will have an easy time addressing the Baldrige Strategic Planning category. The biggest problem most non-Hoshin users have is that they do not have a systematic planning process. Hoshin Kanri provides the planning structure to assure plans are developed consistent with the category criteria. With a Hoshin plan in place, you will be able to clearly describe what your organization is trying to accomplish and the timetable for reaching its goals. You will be able to describe how your objectives address the challenges facing your organization's situation. You will be able to describe how plans are deployed throughout the organization and how resources are allocated to assure success. You will be able to show graphs of key performance measures and compare them with industry benchmarks. You will be able to describe how plans are reviewed and adjusted as required.

TQE can help your organization implement the Hoshin Kanri planning process. TQE's Hoshin Handbook describes the Hoshin Kanri process and provides step by step instructions. The handbook is also used as the text for the on-site workshop. It will help get you and your team up to speed quickly. To complete your Hoshin implementation, TQE provides both web-based and PC-based software to help reduce the paperwork and provide structure for your planning process. The software will help make your Hoshin plan become the way you manage instead of a document collecting dust on the shelf. Implementing Hoshin Kanri can be a giant step toward winning the Baldrige award.

TQE's Process Management and Improvement workshops directly address the Baldrige category of Process Management. After completing the training and implementing the concepts you will be able to clearly describe how day-to-day operation of key processes ensures meeting key performance requirements. You will be able to show key performance measures/indicators and how they are used to control and improve processes. You will be able describe how processes are systematically improved and how the improvements are shared with others as appropriate.

To help organizations implement the concepts of process management and process improvement, TQE provides on-site training. The training teaches people how to use basic quality tools to manage and improve processes. Once the basic tools are mastered, people are able to determine if their processes are capable of meeting customer requirements. If processes are capable, people will know how to standardize the process to assure stable and capable performance. If processes are found to be not capable, then people will know how to use the PDCA model to begin improving the processes so that they will meet customer requirements. If you want to see if you are proficient with the basic quality tools, take this quiz and find out.

Understanding how to use basic quality tools allows people in the organization to take responsibility for the processes they manage. In general, the tools will allow anyone to understand and continuously improve about 80-90% of the processes they manage. For the 10-20% of processes that require more sophisticated tools, TQE also provides training in Design of Experiments. This class teaches engineers and other technical personnel the techniques used by TQM organizations to achieve breakthrough process improvement.

TQE's products and training services can help your organization take steps toward winning the Baldrige award.